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Amplify your church outreach with PosterMyWall

Set your church apart with dynamic outreach and communication. Build your church community with graphic and video creation, email marketing, and social media scheduling – all in one app.

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Increase member engagement with eye-catching church templates

Build relationships, grow your ministry, and increase your church outreach. Community building has never been easier.

Customize for your congregation.

We’ve got thousands of templates including church event flyers, video templates, social media posts, and church newsletters.

Communicate visually.

Choose from our vast stock library of photos and videos or upload your own.

Add excitement to your services.

Publish announcements and church videos to your screens, streams, or social media.

It’s so easy!

Enjoy tools like one-click background remover, instant resize, clip art, stickers, and text and video animations.

Keep it consistent.

Brand Kits keep your church logo, fonts, and colors together where they’re easy to find.

Create a free church design

Reach your audience and promote church events with social media

Digital marketing for churches - simplified. It’s never been easier to publish your church social media posts to all your favorite platforms!

  1. Connect and publish on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube shorts, and LinkedIn instantly - or schedule for later.

  2. Craft inspiring social media content with thousands of free church templates. Add custom captions for each platform.

  3. Need another size? A single click and your designs are instantly resized for each platform.

Create a free church social media post

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Share your message with church email and newsletters

Build your ministry and attendance at events with easy to customize church email templates.

  1. Attract new members with church newsletters and emails that your congregation will be eager to read. Explore templates for every church theme, event, and holiday season.

  2. Build your church email list with custom signup forms. Communicate with your entire congregation or send targeted messages to smaller groups.

  3. Plan ahead. Customize church newsletter templates and send email campaigns to your ministry or schedule for later!

  4. Monitor impact. Track clicks and open rates to learn how your audience is responding.

Create a free church email

Content Planner tracks all of your church communications on a single calendar

Save time by managing your church’s social content, newsletters, and events in one place.

  1. Track what you’re publishing and when. One calendar manages your church emails, social media posts, and events.

  2. Change of plans? Schedule or reschedule church posts and emails right from the calendar.

  3. Never miss an opportunity. Seasonal holidays and events are pre-marked on the calendar.

Start designing

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The choice of thousands of churches and ministries like yours

Maximize your church outreach efforts

Maximize your church outreach efforts

PosterMyWall Free

Design anything free of charge. Explore thousands of templates, customize, and share easily.

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PosterMyWall Premium

Scale your marketing. Enjoy unlimited HD video downloads, social media publishing, and email marketing. Invite team members with up to 70% discount.


PosterMyWall Premium Plus

Achieve more and unlock powerful creative marketing tools like Brand Kits and Content Planner.

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How to make a church flyer

Retail feature
Retail feature

Choose a template from our church template gallery.

Retail feature
Retail feature

Customize it. Edit text, switch colors, add animations.

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Retail feature

Instantly re-size to your custom dimensions. Download. Share everywhere.

Create a church design

Frequently asked questions

Why is PosterMyWall the ideal church outreach and communications tool for ministries like mine?

With PosterMyWall, you can effortlessly create, run, and measure outreach campaigns for your church–all from a single app. This includes print collateral such as flyers, posters, and banners, as well as emails, newsletters, and social media posts.

Browse through our church templates, select the ones you like, and customize them to represent your church. You can change the fonts, colors, and backgrounds of the templates, or add new text, QR codes, and photos. Then you can easily download your designs or directly publish them from PosterMyWall.

What can I make with PosterMyWall?

With PosterMyWall, you can create the graphics and videos you need to promote your ministry. We offer:

  1. Church email and newsletter templates, which you can customize and send out to your mailing lists
  2. Church flyer and poster templates that you can customize, download, and have printed
  3. Templates for church social media graphics, such as Instagram stories and posts, which you can customize, and either download or publish directly to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Do I need to be an artist or designer to use PosterMyWall?

No, you don’t need any design skills to create professional-quality graphics and videos with PosterMyWall. We offer a wide variety of professionally designed church templates for emails, social media content and print collateral, which you can customize according to your needs. With our user-friendly design editor, you can:

  1. Import and add your photos, videos, audio, and logo to the templates
  2. Add stock photos, clip art, animations, stickers, or QR codes to your designs
  3. Resize a design to create versions compatible with different platforms
  4. Edit the background, colors, and fonts of templates

I created a design for a poster. How can I create a version for social media without starting again from scratch–and vice versa?

PosterMyWall makes it fast and easy to resize any design for free. Click on the ‘Resize’ button at the top of the poster maker, select the social media graphic that you want to create (e.g., Instagram Post), and then click on ‘Copy & resize’. Adjust the positioning and sizes of the elements and you’re done.

Clicking “Copy & resize” preserves your original design and creates a second version in your selected size.

Do I need to supply my own photos and videos?

You can import your own photos and videos–as well as your logo–into PosterMyWall to use in your designs. If you don’t have any photos, videos, or audio related to the theme of your design, you can select from the thousands of images and videos in our stock library.

Can I add a QR code to a poster I design for my church?

Yes, you can add a QR code linked to a webpage, email, calendar, map, or pdf of your choice, in the designs you create in PosterMyWall.

To add a QR code, click Elements on the left-hand menu in the PosterMyWall editor. Select Add QR Code. Add the link to the webpage of your choice in the text box under ‘QR content’.

How can I ensure that all of my designs represent my church?

You can create and use a Brand Kit to keep your designs on-brand. This Premium Plus feature allows you to store your brand assets like your logo, primary fonts, and brand colors in one single, easily accessible place in the editor.

Can I create digital signage for my church on PosterMyWall?

Yes, you can create images and videos for your digital screens to display announcements before and during your worship services on PosterMyWall. Browse through our church digital signage templates and customize the one you like to represent your congregation. You can add your own video and audio clips, or our HD stock videos to create more eye-catching designs.

Then you can publish your designs directly to screens, and update your designs in real-time from anywhere.

Can I send out my emails directly from PosterMyWall?

Yes, Premium and Premium Plus subscribers can send out emails directly from PosterMyWall, view performance metrics for each campaign, and schedule campaigns in advance.

Free users can download their emails as HTML code to use with external email service providers, such as Gmail.

How can I make my church emails mobile-friendly?

Our church email templates are auto-responsive; designs will automatically adjust to the screen of the email recipient’s device, be it mobile, tablet, or desktop.

You can click on the desktop, mobile, and tablet icons above your email design to preview how your email will look on each type of device.