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Social media marketing made easy

Create, manage, and publish social media content directly from PosterMyWall. Grow your brand and post to all your favorite platforms in seconds.

Social media marketing made easy

Social media marketing made easy

Create, manage, and publish social media content directly from PosterMyWall. Grow your brand and post to all your favorite platforms in seconds.


Grow your socials with PosterMyWall

Managing your social media has never been easier.

Create the perfect post for every platform

From creating to publishing, PosterMyWall has everything you need to make your socials pop.

  • Publish social media posts to every platform. Post directly to Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.
  • Wrong size? Instantly resize any post in one click. It’s that fast!
  • Grow your reach with editable video templates for Reels and TikTok.
  • Choose from quick caption options that match your tone and style with our AI assistant.
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Post at the right time

Post at the right time

Take control of what you share and when. Schedule all social content with PosterMyWall’s social media scheduling platform.

  • Schedule social media posts in bulk to publish automatically!
  • Select a custom publish date and time for each post and video.
  • Keep it all organized with Content Planner. It’s a calendar that tracks what’s going out and when.
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Level up your social media with easy content creation tools

Amazing social media content starts with our easy-to-use design tools.

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Get started with free social media templates

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People love PosterMyWall

  • Best addition to my social media marketing company. Takes care of all my event needs!

    Digital Marketer
  • I have so enjoyed this resource and it has been a tremendous tool in the enhancement of our social media presence and design.

    Wayne A.
    Wayne A.
    Business Owner
  • As a Social Media Director at a local restaurant, I absolutely love the versatility of PosterMyWall! I can create any type of post and gives me the variety needed for my job.

    Sahara Suzi
    Sahara Suzi
    Social Media Marketer

Frequently asked questions

What is social media management?

Social media management refers to the strategic planning, implementation, and organization of a brand’s online presence across multiple social platforms.

Social media management is all about:

  1. Content creation - including designs, videos, and messaging that reflects the brand’s voice and aligns with the target audience.
  2. Optimizing content for each social media platform. Since each social platform caters to different interests, social media managers choose platforms that best align with their audience and content for maximum visibility.
  3. Scheduling and publishing. An integral part of social media management is choosing the right time to publish. Managers often use scheduling tools to plan and automate posts following a posting schedule.
  4. Analytics and monitoring. Social media management includes analyzing data to refine strategies, research trends, and measure how audiences engage with content.
  5. Audience engagement. Interacting with audience members through comments or direct messages is important to build customer relations.
  6. Ad campaign management. Social media managers oversee paid advertising across platforms including budgeting, targeting and optimizing ad performance.

PosterMyWall makes social media management easier. It’s one platform to create social media content, publish directly to multiple social media platforms, schedule in advance, and auto publish all your social media content.

How do I publish a post to social media from PosterMyWall?

Posting a design to your social media is easy:

  1. Click "My Social Posts"
  2. Select a design from our library of social media templates and poster templates
  3. Connect your social media accounts in a click
  4. Select the social media accounts you want to publish to
  5. Add a caption with AI captions and edit for each post
  6. Click "Publish"!

You can also publish instantly when you’re done customizing a social media template on PosterMyWall’s design editor. Click “Publish” in the top right corner and select “Social media.” From there, pick the social account you want to post to, add any text, and publish.

Can I use PosterMyWall’s social media publishing and scheduling tool for free?

Yes, anyone can try out PosterMyWall’s social media scheduling tool for free! Simply connect your social media account, select a design to publish, and enjoy publishing to your selected social account.

If you’re a premium user, you get the added benefit of connecting to all social media platforms, and enjoy unlimited scheduling and posting.

I want to publish a poster to my social media. How can I create a version for social media with the correct dimensions?

Once you’ve selected your poster and platform, click on “Resize options” at the bottom of the design preview. Select any option (eg. Fill or Blur) to automatically adjust your design to your platform’s dimensions.

Alternatively, while you’re editing your design, click on the ‘Resize’ button at the top of the poster maker, select the social media graphic that you want to create (e.g., Instagram Post), and then click on ‘Copy & resize’. Adjust the positioning and sizes of the elements and you’re done.

Clicking “Copy & resize” preserves your original design and creates a second version in your selected size.

How do I schedule my social media posts to publish automatically?

Scheduling social media posts is fast and easy. Once you have selected your designs and social platforms to publish to, click the “Schedule” button on top. Select a custom date and time you want to publish on and your post is scheduled!

PosterMyWall’s social media scheduler is a premium feature. Free users can publish their selected posts instantly.

What social media channels can I publish to from PosterMyWall?

You can publish to all major social media platforms directly from PosterMyWall! Customize templates for Facebook, Instagram, X (previously Twitter), TikTok, YouTube (Shorts), and LinkedIn - and start publishing!

PosterMyWall also supports publishing Reels and TikTok videos.

How many social media posts can I publish and schedule?

There is no limit on the number of posts anyone can publish to their selected social media platforms. However, scheduling is unavailable under PosterMyWall free plans.

Premium users enjoy scheduling and publishing to multiple social media platforms! View plans here.

How do I generate captions for social media?

Writing captions for several social posts can get difficult. For when you’re feeling uninspired, PosterMyWall’s AI assistant makes writing the perfect caption so much easier.

Once you’re writing a caption for your selected post:

  1. Click the AI Captions button
  2. Enter a prompt
  3. Select the length, tone, and style
  4. Enjoy the several options generated in seconds

You can even add hashtags to maximize your reach - it’s that quick!